Taste in Summer

The night is getting darker, the neon lights are warm
Nightlife slowly kicks off in the afterglow of the setting sun
The new summer menu of CIAO Bar & Grill is full of the summer taste that you crave.
Taste the season's most flavorful specialties from classic summer dishes to refreshing drinks made from natural ingredients, and enjoy summer with family and friends.

The Menu Includes:

Crayfish Hot Dog Sandwich
We only choose large crayfish where the meat is plump. It is then marinated in a secret sauce and stewed
Finally, we add lettuce and put it between 2 buns
The flavor profile is soft and very fragrant

Braised Pork & Crayfish Burgers
We choose the most delicate pork belly which the chef then stews, served with lettuce and pickled cucumber
Fat but not greasy,
The crayfish is even softer and full of flavor

French Shrimp Beef
Freshly cooked shrimp, beef, with avocado, mashed potatoes
As well as a variety of sauces.
Served with a baguette, the crispy bite of toast mixed with the beef and shrimp is sure to be a memorable experience.

Besides our new Summer Menu, CIAO Bar & Grill Daily Cuisine also serves:

Steak, Pizza, Pasta, Burgers, and more
Along With secret cocktails we want to make your dining experience as beautiful and memorable as possible

Tomahawk Steak
The appearance is wild with no pretentious
No one can resist a tomahawk steak
Rich and meaty
Tender and not greasy
The authentic beef flavor is overwhelming on your taste buds

Thick and juicy snowflake beef patty
With the sizzling cheese
Served with fresh lettuce and pickles
Tomatoes, black truffles
The flavor is rich but not greasy
Really captures the essence of snowflake beef
Served With golden fries and ketchup

Melty and gooey hot cheese
The temptation is hard to resist
Take a bite and taste the tender and mellow cheese for yourself

Different varieties and sauces to choose from
Penne/Conchiglie/Fusilli/Angel hair
Cooked and served with snowflake beef, onion, and celery make a nice pot of beef stew
The sauce is rich and flavorful when combined with the noodles
The pasta also goes well with a variety of sauces
Tomato Sauce/cream sauce/pesto
It will take your taste buds on a magical adventure.

Light & Refreshing Salad
Leading a healthy and delicious eating trend with a whole new concept
Low-calorie, healthy, free from the burden of eating too much
The light meal is perfect for urban dwellers who care about their wellness and health

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Now - August 31, 2022

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